Learn about Fire Pit Safety

May 3, 2019 | Fire Pit | 0 comments

1. The rules of a campground. Never leave your fire pit unattended. Never have it in near to flammable materials like a brush, sheds, your home or garage.
2. The well should be on a non combustible surface like a stone patio. Never put your fire pit on or near a wood deck.
3. If your fire pit is fueled by natural gas, paying cautious attention in children’s distance of the tank is important. Remember, like your gas grill, raw gas has an immediate danger in an uncontrolled state. Should you’ve a gas leak, contact the fire department.
4. Never bring your fire pit indoors. Even an extinguished, smoking fire can still give off deadly gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide.
5. Never burn any non regular materials like plastic, rubber and synthetics. These materials may take on an odor, creating concern during a fire department response.
6. Read all documentation that accompanies your purchased fire pit. We have specific requirements to help keep your family safe.
7. Never leave a fire pit to the play of children. Such a danger can result in severe injury.
8. Alcohol and fire pits don’t go together.
9. Respect your neighbors. Your smoke condition might create a wonderful atmosphere for you, but not for all those around you.
10. Your fire pit should be screened. A screen is likely to restrict embers from flying to the air. Still never operate your fire pit in windy weather. Wind or not, these embers are likely to land on a house or other combustible site causing a fire.
11. Never place your fire under a tent or other overhead structure. Heat from the fire can accumulate at the ceiling and reach the temperature of igniting combustibles.
12. Remember, the smoke you create may cause a reaction of concern in the community.
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