How to Plant Rocks In the Front Yard

Jun 25, 2019 | Rocks | 0 comments

Maintaining a lawn can take a lot of work, but a rock yard is hassle-free, requiring little upkeep. If you have tried to grow grass and have simply given up, do not lose hope. A rock yard can look attractive and never needs mowing.
Step 1 Kill all grass and weeds in the yard. Whether you have a cool-season grass, such as fescue, bluegrass or ryegrass, turn off the water supply and dig the grass out. Whether you have a warm-season grass, such as bermuda, buffalo or zoysia, water for 3 to 5 days during the growing season and once the grass is green, in the autumn when root growth is high.
Wait 48 hours, then use an herbicide to the grass in the morning. Don’t water for days. If any fresh grass has grown in an issue of fourteen days, then repeat the process. Dig all dead grass and weeds up.
Step 2 Dig the dirt down to a thickness of 4 inches. In case the yard is deeper in certain areas to level out it. You would dig down so the rocks don’t sit atop a floor and wash away in a storm.
Step 3 Smooth the soil using a metal rake. Compact the soil with a hand tamper.
Step 4 Lay about 2 1/2 inches of crushed stone bunch — stone dust combined with crushed stones — over the compacted soil. Rake out it to make it.
Step 5 Spray the stone bunch with enough water to dampen it. Compact it to 2 inches thick, using hands tamper to create an even surface.
Step 6 Lay landscape fabric over the compacted soil pack to maintain any straggler weeds. If you need to go around a curve, cut the fabric along the inside and outside edges. Overlap the fabric at the cuts at the inside of the curve and Permit it to fan out at the exterior the curve. Secure the fabric closely with landscaping spikes.
Step 7 Lay edging around the yard, following the edges of the landscape fabric, then apply the region to will hold the gravel.
Step 8 Pour enough cave, river rocks or other desired small rocks to completely cover the landscape fabric. Leave about 1/2 inches of edging showing at the top so the rocks don’t spill over. Rake the rocks to make the surface .
Step 9 Lay rocks that were bigger down, pushing them slightly into the rocks that were bigger. Rake the area to even out the surrounding rocks.
Then you’re done and if you need rocks just give us a call.