Get Inspired by the Flora at these Local Gardens

Sep 6, 2022 | Get Inspired | 0 comments

The Pacific Northwest is home to countless local gardens that are flooded with flora. From towering shrubbery mazes to rose gardens with painted blooms of every color and rhododendrons as far as the eye can see, there are local gardens to satisfy anyone’s inner botanical enthusiast.

While we love spending time in our own gardens, filling our well-tended beds with nutritious mulch and picking the most perfect plants to fill our lives with blooms, gardeners always have a need for more. Luckily, we can spend countless hours in local gardens to appease our need to indulge in the luxuries of gardening life – or even just find some new ideas to enhance our established gardens!

Read on for a list of Puget Sound region local gardens that are sure to enchant and inspire.

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Point Defiance Rose Garden

The Rose Garden at Point Defiance is iconic. Anyone coming to the park for the many attractions during the spring and summer is greeted by the beauty of the rose garden. The park features over an acre of blooms and was established in 1895.

Lakewold Gardens

Lakewold is a wonderland of blooms, greenery and classic architecture. The old growth plants in the local gardens and woodland areas provide a landscape that inspires artists, horticulturists and tourists from all across the world. The property is a registered historical landmark that the owners love to share with the community.

Soos Creek Botanical Gardens

Soos Creek Botanical Gardens and Heritage Center is a public garden that anyone can enjoy. The peonies bursting with color in the summer and vibrant leaves in the fall are picturesque. The property holds rich history and the area is popular for professional photographers looking to get a perfect shot. The gardens hold countless varieties of rare perennials – over 100 species in all!

WW Seymour Conservatory

The WW Seymour Conservatory is quite possibly the most interesting place to visit in Tacoma. Even on a cold, rainy Pacific Northwest Day, you can simply walk through the glass doors to a new world where the air is humid, the leaves are lush and the frogs always sing. Air plants cling to roots, greenery erupts from every nook and cranny and a spectacular feeling of new life captivates visitors time and time again. This recently renovated feature in Tacoma is located at Write Park.

local gardens

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

Lovingly called “The Rhodie Garden,” this collection of rhododendron’s is the largest in the world. From early spring through the summer, you will find an explosion of color and every rhododendron variation imaginable. You can also find countless shades of azaleas, towering trees and many other native Pacific Northwest plant species to delight the senses. The property is also home to the Pacific Bonsai Museum – one of just two bonsai museums in the United States.

Seattle Japanese Garden

The Seattle Japanese Garden is an iconic location in the Emerald City. Known lovingly as the urban sanctuary, the garden is home to 3.5 acres of water features, bridges, rock gardens, flora and animal species. Japanese culture is represented in the composition and aesthetic of this garden and you can enjoy the tranquility of the curation with every step on the winding path.

local gardens

Recreate the Look of Your Local Gardens

After you’re done with a marathon of visiting the amazing local gardens of the Puget Sound Region mentioned in this article, recreate your favorite features with supplies from G&L Bark! Bring the water feature of your dreams to life and decorate with beautiful rock, flagstone and landscape décor. It is possible to being any gardening dream to life with the right inspiration and materials.

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