Find Your Christmas Tree at G&L Bark!

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At G&L Bark, we like to go big with Christmas trees for the Christmas and holiday season. With trees galore and artfully crafted wreaths in addition to all your regular landscaping supplies, we have all you will need to deck the halls and the outdoors this holiday season. Hang our wreaths on your door and give your yard a new look for the cold season with a new layer of our top-quality bark products. Celebrate and decorate with us this year!

Christmas Trees at G&L Bark

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A Christmas tree from G&L Bark is a special tree. We are a family company and we pride ourselves on providing the best products year-round, which includes a quality Christmas tree to place in your home this Christmas. A Christmas tree is such a unique symbol of family and togetherness. We are so happy to be able to offer this extra-special part of Christmas for your family this holiday season.

Make memories and share gifts together this Christmas around a locally sourced G&L Bark Christmas tree

We have many varieties of local trees to choose from and have been providing trees for our community for 25 years! Among the trees available are the classically beautiful Noble Fir, Douglas and Grand Fir. Also available are our custom-made wreaths. Classic and elegant, they are the perfect addition to your archways, doors and stairways.

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Give Your Yard a Fresh Look with a New Layer of Bark

While you’re here for your tree, check out our amazing landscaping products that we have available throughout the year. It’s never a bad time to add a touch of detail to you landscape or get your gardens prepped for spring with a good layer of bark.

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Fun Fact: Bark us mulch – mulch is bark!

Mulch is the term for any organic material used as top dressings on your garden beds. The top dressing could be compost mulch, bark mulch, sawdust, shredded leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, straw hay, etc.

Revitalize Your Landscape with a Splash of Color

The cold we have here in the Pacific Northwest during the chilly seasons can make our landscape a little drab. No matter if you own a business, a home or just love the look of a neat yard or garden, a fresh layer of bark can make all the difference to beautify your property. Have the neatest home on the block with a splash of rich color and the tidy appearance of a layer of bark over areas of soil in your landscape.

You will love how a layer of bark transforms your property and it will be the cherry on top of an amazing lighting display this holiday season. All of our bark is all-natural and derived from fir trees in our local area. No chemicals or dyes are added – it’s all just the beauty of a natural product that we are proud to provide.

Give the Gift of a Beautiful Landscape

We all love the idea of a gift that is going to last. Why not give the gift of that gorgeous landscape you have always wanted? Treat yourself or your family to this excellent gift option that will provide great detail and beauty to your home.

Christmas Tree

Check out this bark calculator to get an idea of how much bark you need for your project!

Contact our team today to talk about your bark needs! Call us at 253.535.1614 or just stop on by. We can discuss your project and help you decide how much bark you need, what type of bark you need and how to get the desired look you have in mind. While you’re here, you can pick out the perfect Christmas tree, ornaments, preservative and wreaths! It’s a one stop shop this Christmas and we can’t wait to see you!

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