Your Bark Supplier in Pierce County is G&L Bark Supply in Spanaway!

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Welcome to G&L Bark, your premier bark supplier in Pierce County! We are proud to provide the highest quality bark for all of your landscaping needs. Our bark is sourced from local supply and comes in a variety of colors and sizes to meet any need. Whether you’re looking for decorative bark use, mulch use or bark chips for any other occasion, we have just what you need at competitive prices.

With our experienced staff on hand, we can offer personalized advice so that you get just the right product for your project. Shop with us today or give us a call with any questions. Let us show you why we are the #1 bark supplier in Pierce County and help make your landscaping dreams come true!

When You Need a Bark Supplier, We Will Always Be Here

At G&L Bark, we operate year-round so that you can get bark, drain rock and all your other landscaping supplies all year, no matter the season. This is just another reason why we are the top bark supplier around. We offer delivery at a variety of times and locations, so you don’t have to come to us–we’ll come to you!

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Our bark is harvested locally and stored carefully to ensure its freshness and quality. Need some flagstone in December? We got you! How about some medium bark in February? We have all you need! We also carry a great selection of landscape decor like fountains and pillars as well as all the tools you need to get the job done. We are always here and always just a phone call away if you have any questions.

Do You Have a Plan for New Garden Areas This Year?

When it comes to creating a new garden on your property, bark is an essential part of the process – and you are going to need a bark supplier! Not only does bark make attractive landscaping beds, but it also helps regulate soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and add insulation to the roots of your plants. At G&L Bark, we have bark mulch suitable for any sized garden area. Our bark mulch is available in different shades and sizes so you can choose the look and feel that best fits your outdoor space.

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We also offer bark chips that are perfect for creating pathways through gardens or around flowerbeds. These bark chips are easy to spread evenly over the path or bedding area and can be used in place of gravel or stone. Not only do they look great, but they provide excellent insulation for plants while still allowing water to pass through them easily.

For smaller gardens and raised beds, we have finely chopped bark that can act as an organic topsoil layer. This bark mulch provides an ideal environment for small plants such as herbs or flowers as well as vegetables by keeping their roots insulated from extreme temperatures and preventing weeds from sprouting up.

No matter what kind of new garden you’re planning to create on your property, G&L Bark is your bark supplier that has all the bark supplies you need at competitive prices. With our experienced staff ready to answer any questions you might have about selecting the right bark for your project, we’ll help make your gardening dreams come true!

Give Us a Call to Start Planning Your Bark Supplier Haul for the Spring Season

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No matter the bark product you are looking for, G&L Bark has just what you need as the premier bark supplier in Pierce County. Craft the most perfect landscape possible with our variety of quality landscaping products.

Whether you operate a business and want to give your clients the best looking product or an at-home gardener who wants the best organic options for healthy, lush produce and flowers, we are the supplier to choose. Stop by today to start planning your bark haul for the spring season – we look forward to seeing you!