What to Plant in the Fall – Tips from Your Favorite Bark Supply Location

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As the vibrant hues of summer start to fade and the cool, crisp air of fall settles in, gardening enthusiasts know that it’s time to transition their green spaces for the changing season. Fall is an excellent time to refresh your garden and prepare for the next year’s growth. If you’re wondering what to plant in the fall to ensure a thriving garden, look no further. In this guide, we’ll explore the top picks for fall planting to keep that garden going strong no matter the season!

Why Fall Plant in the Fall?

Planting in the fall presents numerous advantages for both new and seasoned gardeners. The soil is still warm from the summer months, which encourages root growth and establishment before winter sets in. Cooler air temperatures result in less stress on plants and less water loss due to evaporation. Furthermore, fall planting provides a head start for your plants come spring, allowing them to establish stronger root systems over the winter months.

New and seasoned gardeners can have success with fall planting! Just get out there and grow.

Top Picks for Fall Planting from the Experts at G&L Bark

G L bark what to plant in the fall

1. Bulbs for Spring Beauty

One of the best ways to ensure a spectacular spring display is by planting bulbs in the fall. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths are popular choices. The team at G&L Bark recommends selecting high-quality bulbs and planting them at the appropriate depth for your region’s climate. You can add a layer of compost or mulch over the bulbs to insulate and protect them during the colder months.

2. Cool-Season Vegetables

If you want to plant in the fall, cool-season vegetables that thrive in lower temperatures. Lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, and broccoli are excellent options. These crops will often grow more vigorously and taste sweeter when exposed to cooler weather. At G&L Bark Supply, we suggest preparing the soil with organic matter and providing proper drainage to ensure the success of your vegetable garden. We have the perfect mix on our lot! Stop on by or give us a call to discuss your options.

3. Perennials and Shrubs to Plant in the Fall

What to Plant in the Fall

Fall is also a prime time to plant perennials and shrubs. The cooler temperatures encourage plants to focus on root development rather than top growth. Consider adding colorful perennials like asters and mums to infuse your garden with late-season blooms. At G&L Bark, we emphasize the importance of watering adequately after planting and mulching to protect the roots from frost.

4. Trees for a Lasting Impact

Planting trees in the fall provides them with ample time to establish their root systems before facing the challenges of summer heat. Look for native trees that are well-suited to your area’s climate and soil conditions. Our friends at G&L Bark recommend digging a hole that’s wider than the tree’s root ball and backfilling with nutrient-rich soil to promote healthy growth.

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What to Plant in the Fall? All Sorts of Great Plants!

As the gardening season shifts from summer to fall, seize the opportunity to enhance your garden’s beauty and productivity by planting the right selections. Whether you’re interested in vibrant spring blooms, delectable vegetables, or lasting perennials, the fall planting season offers a wide array of choices to suit your preferences.

For residents of Spanaway, WA, G&L Bark stands as your trusted partner in all things gardening. Our expertise and high-quality products, such as compost, mulch, and topsoil, can help you prepare your garden for the fall and beyond. By following the tips and insights provided by G&L Bark, you’re on your way to creating a stunning and thriving garden that will bring joy throughout the changing seasons.