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Compost is an essential element in gardening to produce a healthy result. Compost is made of decomposed organic matter that can be used to improve the health of garden soil. Good quality compost should contain the nutrients vegetables and flowers need for healthy growth.

One of our favorites is Cedar Grove Compost. This product is a clean yard waste compost and is great for top dressing your garden at home.

Another highly recommended product is mushroom compost. You’ve never seen such happy, productive vegetables!

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Cedar Grove Compost

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Cedar Grove Compost from G&L Bark in Spanaway, WA is the perfect solution for gardeners and landscapers looking to improve their soil quality. This premium compost is made from locally recycled garden prunings, food products and vegetable trimmings. Cedar Grove Compost contains no biosolids or steer manure, which is known for its ability to help retain moisture and nutrients while improving aeration. Cedar Grove Compost also helps reduce erosion, making it a great choice for gardens that are prone to wind or water damage. Cedar Grove Compost provides an excellent source of organic matter that can be used as mulch or added directly into the soil. Its dark color adds visual appeal to any landscape design, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Growing Beautiful Veggies with Cedar Grove Compost

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Using Cedar Grove Compost for growing vegetables is an excellent choice due to its ability to provide optimal soil nutrition and aeration. Cedar Grove Compost contains a variety of beneficial microorganisms that help break down nutrients into forms that plants can use more easily. Additionally, Cedar Grove compost improves the structure of the soil, making it easier for root systems to spread and access water and nutrients.

The cedar bark content also helps reduce compaction in heavy clay soils, allowing oxygen to penetrate better and helping promote healthy plant growth. Cedar Grove Compost provides essential minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, making it a great choice for vegetable gardens.

For best results when using Cedar Grove Compost in vegetable gardens, mix it into the existing soil prior to planting. This will help ensure that all the plants are receiving enough nutrition from the compost. Cedar Grove Compost should be incorporated two to four inches deep so that all the nutrient-rich material is being utilized by the roots of your plants.

Cedar Grove Compost can also be used as a top dressing around established plants or as a mulch layer between rows of vegetables. Doing this will help retain moisture and prevent weeds from competing with your vegetables for nutrients and water.

In addition to providing essential minerals needed by vegetables, Cedar Grove Compost also helps protect them from pests by creating an inhospitable environment for many insects such as whiteflies or aphids. Cedar bark has natural oils which act as an insect repellent, thus creating a hostile environment for many common garden pests while providing protection for your veggies at the same time!

Cedar Grove Compost is also effective against fungi like powdery mildew or rust diseases since it helps maintain proper soil drainage and aeration levels which are not suitable conditions for these organisms to survive in.

Overall, Cedar Grove Compost is an ideal choice for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest looking to improve their soil quality while encouraging healthy growth in their vegetable gardens! Its unique blend of cedar bark and other organic materials helps create an ideal environment for veggie growth while providing essential minerals needed for optimal plant health!

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is great to amend your vegetable garden. It is fantastic as a standalone product or mixed with topsoil or garden soil. It is an all-around great product that will help you retain moisture in your garden and provides essential nutrients to your plants. Mushroom compost will work hard for you to give you vibrant and healthy veggies.

Mushroom compost is a high-quality organic soil amendment that offers numerous benefits for gardens and landscapes. Rich in beneficial bacteria, mushroom compost helps to promote healthy root growth and microbial activity in the soil, resulting in increased water and nutrient retention. This makes mushroom compost ideal for use as an amendment for sandy or clay soils.

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Many mushroom composts are also enriched with macro-nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium to provide an extra boost of essential nutrients to plants. It can also help reduce soil compaction and aerate hard-packed soils to help create better drainage and more air pockets for roots to gain access to oxygen. As mushroom compost breaks down into the soil, it helps buffer the PH of acidic soils due to its alkaline properties.

In addition to providing the right balance of nutrients and improving soil structure, mushroom compost is known for its ability to attract beneficial insects such as earthworms and ladybugs which can help control pests while enriching your garden’s ecosystem. Studies have even found that mushroom compost increases water holding capacity by up to 6%, meaning you don’t need to water your plants as frequently during dry spells or hot summers. All in all, mushroom compost is one of nature’s best soil amendments!

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