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Crushed Rock

Crushed rock isn’t just a material, it’s a versatile ally in crafting breathtaking landscapes, structuring roads and more. At G&L Bark, we’re passionate about showcasing the versatility of crushed rock in elevating outdoor spaces across Pierce County.

Choose Crushed Rock For:

  • Road Base
  • Improved Drainage
  • Work Sites
  • Gravel Driveway
  • Gravel Foundation
  • Dust Control
  • Beautifying Your Landscape
  • Landscape Design and much more!
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Blue 2″


Blue 1 1/4″ Clean


Blue 5/8″ Minus

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Black 1 1/4″ Clean


Black 5/8″


5/8″ Clean


1 1/4″ Minus


5/8″ Minus


How Can I Use Crushed Rock for Landscaping?

Structural Foundation:

The robustness of crushed rock makes it indispensable for creating durable foundations. Whether constructing pathways, driveways, or setting the groundwork for outdoor structures, this material offers unmatched stability and endurance. Its compact nature ensures a solid base, resisting erosion and providing a steadfast foundation for your projects.

Decorative Landscaping:

Beyond its utilitarian aspects, crushed rock is an artist’s palette for outdoor aesthetics. With a spectrum of hues and sizes, it adds character and charm to any landscape. Create mesmerizing visual contrasts or complement existing features by selecting from our range of colors, from vibrant reds to calming earthy tones. Tailor your design to harmonize with the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Water Management:

One of crushed rock’s unsung qualities lies in its role as a water management solution. Its permeable properties facilitate efficient drainage, mitigating runoff and erosion. Strategically placing crushed rock can redirect water flow, prevent pooling, and assist in comprehensive drainage systems, ensuring a well-maintained and sustainable landscape.



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Dirt Roads and Crushed Rock:

Dirt roads hold a rustic charm but often face challenges like erosion, potholes, and muddy conditions. Enter crushed rock—the unsung hero in upgrading and maintaining dirt roads, enhancing their functionality and longevity in various ways:

Enhanced Stability:

The application of crushed rock on dirt roads significantly improves their stability. By compacting the surface and filling gaps, it creates a solid foundation that minimizes the risks of erosion caused by heavy rainfall or vehicle traffic. The added stability also reduces the formation of ruts and potholes, ensuring a smoother and safer driving experience.

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Clean Crushed Rock:

One of the primary benefits of using clean crushed rock on dirt roads is its superior drainage properties. Its permeability allows water to seep through the surface, preventing puddles and reducing the accumulation of water. This efficient drainage not only maintains the road’s integrity but also helps in preventing erosion and maintaining a firm, dependable roadbed.


Recycled Asphalt:

Dirt roads can be notorious for generating clouds of dust, especially during dry weather. Applying crushed rock serves as an effective dust control measure. It acts as a stabilizing agent, keeping the soil particles in place and minimizing dust production, resulting in a cleaner and more pleasant environment for travelers and nearby properties.


Road Base:

By adding crushed rock to dirt roads, you’re essentially reinforcing their structure. This reinforcement significantly boosts their durability, allowing them to withstand heavier traffic and adverse weather conditions. The compacted rock creates a robust surface that reduces wear and tear, ultimately extending the lifespan of the road.


Cost-Effective Solution:

Choosing crushed rock for dirt roads isn’t just an investment in longevity; it’s a cost-effective solution. Its durability reduces the need for frequent maintenance, saving both time and resources in the long run. The initial investment in applying crushed rock pays off by reducing ongoing repair and upkeep expenses.


Transform your landscape into a masterpiece with G&L Bark. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or landscaper, our premium crushed rock collection awaits, ready to add strength, beauty, and functionality to your outdoor space. Explore the possibilities and discover how crushed rock can redefine your landscape at G&L Bark!

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