Crushed Rock


A variety of crushed rock for your landscape.


Crushed Rock

Crushed rock has many uses! It is a clean and practical solution for driveways, walkways, and parking areas. If you live on a dirt road, crushed rock is a great solution for filling those pot-holes – especially here in rainy Washington!

For structure, it’s often used in concrete mix, as well as underneath sheds, retaining walls and pavers.

Clean crushed gravel can be used for driveways, walkways or anything in between.

Any gravel with minus will pack down when walked on or drove on. The particulate, dust-like matter in gravel with minus is what enables it to pack down so well. It creates a more dense material that can be used in very direct ways as a multi-use solution.

Any clean crushed gravel is great for muddy areas that don’t have gravel yet.  

We have a variety of colors in all crushed sizes.

With the variety of crushed rocks available, some have a more aesthetic appeal designed for your garden, pathway, or landscape. If you have a project and need a recommendation on a specific type of crushed rock, please give us a call!


Blue 2″


Blue 1 1/4″ Clean


Blue 5/8″ Minus

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Black 1 1/4″ Clean


Black 5/8″


5/8″ Clean


1 1/4″ Minus


5/8″ Minus