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Flagstone is one of the most beautiful options for your outdoor design! Great for creating pathways, patios, fire pits and even ponds.

We stock flagstone in several color schemes and slabs are 1 1/2″ – 3″ in thickness with a variety of sizes to choose from. A full pallet weighs from 2500 to 4000 pounds.

Types of Flagstone we offer at G&L Bark

  • Cowboy Coffee
  • Indian Paintbrush
  • Sockeye
  • Silver Strike
  • Montana
  • Gold
  • We also have varieties of ledgestone and grande sizing

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flagstone patio

Indian Paint

indian paint flagstone
indian paint
indian paint
indian paint
indian paint grande


sockeye flagstone
sockeye flagstone
sockeye ledgestone
Sockeye Grande
Sockeye Grande

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee
Cowboy Coffee
Cowboy Coffee
Cowboy Coffee Patio Flagstone
Silver Strike

Silver Strike

Silver Strike
Silver Strike
Silver Strike
grande flagstone
Silver Strike
Silver Strike

G&L Bark Flagstone Projects

flagstone patio
Flgastone stair treds
flagstone fireplace

* A note about Flagstone: Some color change may occur with aging, therefore future color matching may not be possible

Laying Flagstone? Try Polymeric Sand!

Available in Beige and Granite

polymeric sand rotated
polymeric flagstone rotated

Learn More About Flagstone

Flagstone, a versatile and enduring material celebrated for its natural charm and diverse applications, comes in various types, each uniquely suited for specific purposes. Among these types are ledgestone, grande, and others, each boasting distinctive characteristics that contribute to their suitability for different uses. Let’s delve into the world of flagstone, exploring its multifaceted nature and the myriad ways in which it enhances outdoor spaces, from pathways and patios to walls and beyond.

flagstone pierce county

What’s Flagstone?


Flagstone, a sedimentary rock typically split into flat, irregular pieces, has long been a favorite choice for landscaping and construction. Its popularity stems from a combination of factors, including durability, aesthetic appeal, and adaptability. The rock’s flat and irregular shapes contribute to its rustic and natural appearance, making it an ideal material for various outdoor applications.


Types of Flagstone



One prominent type of flagstone is ledgestone. Characterized by thin, flat pieces, ledgestone is often stacked to create a layered and textured appearance. This type is particularly popular for constructing walls, veneers, and decorative features. Ledgestone’s versatility and ability to add depth to surfaces make it a sought-after choice in landscaping.



Grande flagstone, as the name suggests, refers to larger pieces that contribute to a grand and majestic appearance. This type is well-suited for more extensive areas such as large patios or expansive outdoor spaces. The use of grande flagstone can evoke a sense of opulence, transforming outdoor environments into luxurious retreats.


Regular Cut

Regular cut flagstone is characterized by its uniform shapes and sizes. This type of flagstone is often preferred in projects where a more formal and structured appearance is desired. It is commonly used for flooring, patios, and areas where precision and symmetry play a crucial role in the overall design.


Irregular Cut

On the contrary, irregular cut flagstone exudes a more natural and rustic aesthetic. With varying shapes and sizes, this type of flagstone is often utilized for pathways, garden features, and in settings where an informal and organic look is sought. Irregular cut flagstone lends itself well to projects where a harmonious blend with nature is the desired outcome.

Uses of Flagstone


Paving Stones

 One of the primary uses of flagstone is as paving stones. Its flat and irregular shapes make it an excellent choice for creating walkways, patios, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces. The stones are typically set in sand or mortar, providing stability while adding a touch of natural elegance to the landscape.

Garden Paths

Flagstone finds its place in garden design as it can be artfully arranged to create meandering paths through green spaces. Its durability allows it to withstand foot traffic, while its natural appearance seamlessly integrates with the surrounding vegetation, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the garden.


Patios and Courtyards

The durability and visual appeal of flagstone make it a popular choice for constructing patios and courtyards. Its flat and irregular surfaces contribute to a textured and visually interesting flooring option, transforming outdoor spaces into inviting and functional living areas.


Retaining Walls

Flagstone’s thickness and strength make it an ideal candidate for constructing retaining walls. Beyond its structural integrity, the use of flagstone in retaining walls introduces a timeless and natural element to landscaping projects, contributing to both functionality and aesthetics.


Steps and Staircases

The flat and sturdy nature of flagstone makes it an excellent material for constructing steps and staircases in outdoor areas. Whether leading to a garden, a patio, or another level of the landscape, flagstone steps provide both a secure and visually appealing solution.


Pool Decks

Flagstone’s suitability for pool decks is attributed to its ability to remain cool underfoot, slip-resistant nature, and the luxurious touch it adds to the pool area. Whether used for the entire deck or as accents around the pool, flagstone enhances the overall ambiance of the outdoor space.

flagstone patio

Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces

The use of flagstone around fire pits and outdoor fireplaces has gained popularity due to its stylish appearance and durability. Flagstone provides a stable and visually appealing surface that complements the warmth and natural elements associated with these outdoor features.


Interior Flooring

While less common, flagstone can also find its place indoors as a flooring material. Particularly suitable for areas with a rustic or Mediterranean aesthetic, flagstone can be polished for a smoother finish, offering a unique and visually striking alternative for interior flooring.

Advantages of Flagstone



One of the key advantages of flagstone is its durability. Able to withstand various weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, flagstone is a long-lasting material, making it an excellent investment for outdoor projects.


Natural Beauty

Flagstone’s natural beauty lies in its irregular shapes, varied colors, and textured surfaces. These characteristics contribute to a timeless and visually appealing aesthetic that blends seamlessly with outdoor environments.



The versatility of flagstone allows it to be adapted to a wide range of applications. From formal and structured settings to informal and rustic landscapes, flagstone can be tailored to suit diverse design preferences.

flagstone in garden

Cool Underfoot

Particularly beneficial for pool decks, flagstone remains cool underfoot even in the heat, providing a comfortable surface for walking barefoot in outdoor spaces.


Easy Maintenance

Flagstone requires minimal maintenance, adding to its appeal. Regular cleaning and occasional sealing are usually sufficient to keep flagstone surfaces looking vibrant and in good condition.

Flagstone stands as a testament to the marriage of functionality and aesthetics in landscaping and construction. Ledgestone, grande, regular cut, and irregular cut are among the types, each contributing its unique characteristics to various projects. Whether used for paving stones, garden paths, patios, retaining walls, steps, pool decks, fire pits, or even interior flooring, flagstone brings durability, natural beauty, and versatility to outdoor spaces.

As we continue to explore innovative ways to enhance our surroundings, flagstone remains a timeless choice, providing a canvas for creativity in designing outdoor landscapes that seamlessly integrate with nature. Its enduring appeal, coupled with the myriad uses and types available, ensures that flagstone will continue to be a prominent and cherished material in the realm of landscaping and construction.

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