Landscape Decor


Make your backyard magical.


Landscape Decor

Sometimes your yard, landscape, or garden needs a little something to bring it to life. Browse our collection of columns, placement rock, plants, stair treads, and other fun design additions like fire pits and waterfall kits!

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Decorative Columns

These unique pieces of art are perfect for giving your backyard a magical touch. Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace, a water feature, or just some extra seating – G&L Bark has the decorative column that will take your landscape design to the next level. Our products come in a variety of shapes and sizes so there is sure to be something that fits perfectly into whatever landscape project you have in mind. With our high-quality materials and craftsmanship, these decorative columns will last for lifetimes to come! So what are you waiting for? Let G&L Bark help bring your landscape vision to life today!

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Your Dream Backyard is at Your Fingertips with Landscaping Supplies from G&L Bark

Imagine you and your family cozy around the fire in the backyard. The brisket just came off the smoker, frogs are croaking in the distance and marshmallows are blazing on the ends of sticks. It’s a perfect Pacific Northwest evening and it was all made possible with beautiful landscaping decor from G&L Bark. This is the year to make your outdoor spaces exactly what you have always dreamed with quality products and pricing from G&L Bark Supply in Spanaway, WA.

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Decorative Rock

Are you looking for landscape decor that will add a touch of elegance and beauty to your outdoor spaces? Look no further than G&L Bark’s decorative rock! Our decorative rock is the perfect choice for adding texture, color, and interest to any landscape. From small pebbles to large boulders, we have a variety of sizes and colors available to suit all types of landscaping designs. Whether you’re creating an eye-catching focal point or simply accenting existing features in your landscape, our decorative rocks are sure to make your outdoor space look stunning. With G&L Bark’s decorative rocks, you can transform any area into something special.

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Stop on by to our Showroom and materials lot located in Spanaway, WA. While you’re, here, peruse our selection of soils, barks and mulches, rock, flagstone, water features, boulders and even a unique collection of geodes in our Showroom! Begin to dream while you wander our lot for inspiration on your next outdoor project.



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