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Stair Treads for Your Pierce County Landscape

Stair treads are typically used in landscaping to create functional steps in outdoor spaces. Stair treads play a crucial role in landscaping by offering both practical functionality and aesthetic value, especially in areas with varying elevations or terrains.These treads serve several purposes:

Safety: Stair treads provide a stable and secure surface for people to walk on. They help prevent slipping and tripping, especially in sloped or uneven terrains.

Accessibility: In landscapes with elevation changes, stair treads make it easier for people to navigate different levels, allowing for safe movement up or down a slope.

Aesthetics: Apart from their functional aspect, stair treads can enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces. They come in various materials, styles, and colors, contributing to the overall design and ambiance of the landscape.

Erosion Control: Properly installed stair treads can help in controlling erosion on slopes by providing structured steps that minimize soil runoff.


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Natural Stair Treads

stair treds
stair treds
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Stair Treds
Stair Treds

Bench Kit

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