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Chapin Spreader 1-rentals

Chapin Spreaders

Chapin spreaders are versatile and powerful tools used for a wide range of agricultural, lawn care, gardening, and landscaping projects. Chapin spreaders enable quicker and more precise application of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other materials needed to maintain healthy plant growth.

Chapin spreaders evenly distribute the loaded material with precision across large areas with minimal effort. Chapin spreaders can also be easily calibrated for precise applications, making sure that you get the most out of your materials. Chapin spreaders are designed to be durable and built to stand up against wear and tear so you don’t have to worry about replacing them frequently.

Chapin products have been trusted by homeowners and professionals alike for over a century due to their reliable performance year after year. When it comes time to handle your next big project or maintain your lawn or garden needs this season it’s important to consider renting a Chapin Spreader from G&L Bark in Spanaway WA – we will help make sure you get the most out of every product you apply!

Lawn Roller-rental

Lawn Roller

Lawn rollers are essential tools for lawn care and lawn maintenance. They are used to flatten lawns that have been unevenly mowed or areas with bumps and dips, so lawns look even and lush after lawn care. Renting a lawn roller from G&L Bark in Spanaway WA is a great way to effectively maintain your lawn without having to spend money on an expensive purchase.

When using a lawn roller, it’s important to remember to fill the roller with enough water or sand so that it’s heavy enough for the job. Water is usually preferred due to its lower weight and ability to be easily mixed with soil and grass. To start rolling, simply pull the lawn roller back and forth across your lawn. The length of each pass will depend on the size of your lawn as well as how much you need to level out any uneven patches. It’s important to keep an eye on the pressure being exerted by the lawn roller, making sure it’s consistent with each pass and not too hard.

For best results, start at one end of your lawn and work towards the other in a zigzag pattern while pulling the lawn roller back and forth across each section. As you go along, make sure that you overlap each pass slightly so that there are no gaps between them. You can also adjust the speed depending on how quickly you want to finish rolling your lawn – faster speeds will finish faster but may require more passes over certain sections while slower speeds will take longer but result in fewer passes overall.


turf mulch and lawn roller

Turf Mulch Roller and Spreader

Turf mulch spreaders, commonly known as seed spreaders, are invaluable tools in the realm of landscaping and lawn care, offering efficiency and precision in the application of turf mulch, seeds, and fertilizers. These devices are designed to evenly distribute these materials across a designated area, ensuring uniform coverage and optimal conditions for plant growth. Our turf mulch and seed spreader is great for all-purpose use!


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G&L Bark is always looking to expand their rental offerings and give customers more options when it comes to their yard and garden needs. Customers can keep an eye out for more rentals by frequently visiting the G&L Bark website or visiting our showroom.

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