River Rock

One of our most versatile options for landscape design and functionality

Drain Rock

River rock, often called drain rock, is found in homes and parks across the Northwest. It’s commonly used under playground sets, around stepping stones and as ground cover in gardens. From drainage areas, to decorative landscapes, drain rock is a clean, practical option for your riverbed, garden, playground or farm.

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drain rock landscape project

7/8″ Washed


Pea Gravel


1 1/2” Drain


River Rock 2-10




French Drains

French drains are a common technique used in areas that receive a lot of rainfall. A French drain is a drainage system designed to redirect water away from a specific area, preventing waterlogging and potential damage to structures or landscapes.

French drains are typically installed underground and consist of a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel or rock. This allows water to enter the drainage area to then be carried away to a designated drainage point. The perforated pipe is typically wrapped in a geotextile fabric to prevent soil particles from clogging the system.

When it comes to the type of rocks to use, you want to consider several factors such as the soil type, local climate, and the specific drainage needs of the site.

french drain
drain field

Drain Field for a French Drain

A drain field for a French drain is an essential element in a drainage system designed to effectively manage excess water and prevent flooding. Located at the termination point of the French drain system, the drain field, also known as a leach field or soakaway, plays a key role in dispersing collected water efficiently. In this process, high-quality materials like crushed rock and river rock are commonly used – we always have some in stock!

G&L Bark drain field materials enhance drainage efficiency by providing a permeable surface that allows water to infiltrate the soil gradually. The French drain system ensures optimal water dispersal, reducing the risk of soil erosion and potential water damage while contributing to a well-maintained and balanced landscape.

A well-designed French drain system relies on essential components like a drain field, where the use of G&L products, including crushed rock and river rock, plays a crucial role. These materials, chosen for their permeability and drainage-enhancing qualities, are strategically incorporated into the drain field to ensure efficient water management.

There are many benefits of crushed rock, which, with its coarse and angular texture, facilitates smooth water flow, preventing potential clogs and ensuring effective drainage. Additionally, river rock not only adds an aesthetic touch to the landscape but also contributes to the system’s functionality by creating channels for water infiltration.


Rock Types for French Drains

1 1/2” Drain


7/8″ Washed


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