Seeds & Fertilizers


Everything you need for your garden or landscape to flourish



Seeds & Fertilizers

Healthy vegetation starts with healthy soil! After you’ve found your soil & compost, you’re ready to plant seeds and grow a healthy garden!

You can find a variety of fertilizers that we recommend to keep the plants you want thriving, and the ones you don’t want at bay.


How Much Can I Buy?


  • Our fertilizers come in 50 pound bags


  • Seed comes in 25 pound and 50 pound bags




lush garden pierce county

Grass Seed

grass seed


Grass Seed Varieties

  • Full Sun

  • Sun to Shade

  • Pasture Grass

Simplot Products


simplot start fertilizer 16
simplot fall and winter

Peat Moss

Ferrous Sulfate

peat moss - lawn thatch
ferrous sulfate - moss killer - moss out

Herbicide Weed Killer

seeds and fertilizer - liquid fertilizer

Herbicide Weed Killer


Check Out This Project!

This is our grass seed with triple 16 on top of planting mix. This soil mix is perfect for any gardening project to nourish the soil and produce something beautiful in your garden!

seeds and fertilizer
G L Bark Soil Mixes 2 scaled

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