Water Features


A beautiful addition to your landscape


Water Features for Every Landscape

A waterfall, lazy river or fountain can turn your landscape into a personal oasis. Imagine the sound of trickling water, the fresh movement around the plants and a peaceful, serene environment just for you.

At G&L Bark, we have everything you need to bring a waterfall to your home! Contact us today or stop on by to discuss kit pricing, design options and installation.

Choose from many types of stone:

  • Flagstone varieties
  • Turquoise boulders
  • Golden cloud boulders
  • Stone pillars
  • Many more varieties on-site! Come on down to find the perfect boulder or stack of flagstone for your landscaping project.

water bubbler water features

Waterfall Kits, Water Bubblers & Drilled Boulders

We offer a unique selection of waterfalls for your garden drilled from beautiful boulders. We provide all you need to create a beautiful waterfall in a convenient kit. We can also custom drill a boulder of your choice. Stop on in to talk to us about your design ideas.

Our Waterfall Kits Include:

Waterfall kits are a great deal starting at just $99!

  • (1) 400-1600 pump
  • Flex tubing
  • 5′-wide liner


We offer custom drilling for any bolder under 4′ that you choose or we have a great selection of boulders and pillars ready to go!


water bubbler water features
water bubbler water features
water bubbler water features
water bubbler water features
water bubbler water features
water features - pillars
water features - pillars
G-L bark - Pierce County Waterfall Supply

Pond Liner

We have 45mil pond liner! Our roll is 5ft wide and you can cut to any size you need.

pond liner

Water Features with G&L Products

lazy river water features
lazy river water feature

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